About Us

The School Enrollment Parent Group was formed in 2015 by Arlington parents to inform the community of the challenges posed by our growing student enrollment and to advocate for sensible solutions to address them. We began as an ad hoc group in response to overcrowding at the Thompson Elementary School. However, as we learned more about similar enrollment and space concerns across the district, we expanded our steering committee and our vision to encompass the town as a whole.

Arlington has taken several important steps toward addressing enrollment growth, but more challenges lie ahead. To address these challenges we believe it’s important to look systematically at enrollment growth and to involve parents from all of our public schools in the town’s decision-making process. While our precise role is ever-evolving, our commitment to quality schools for our children does not waver.

Steering Committee

Greg Christiana Molly Lyons Dan Ruiz
Greg Dennis Juliet Moir Brendan Sullivan
Kate Leary Jane Morgan Moriah Tyrrell
Lauren Ledger Lisa Newmark Timur Yontar
Steve Liggett Ginna Reeder

Endorsements and Elections

The School Enrollment Parent Group does not endorse candidates for public office. However, in an effort to help voters make informed decisions, we provide candidates with the opportunity to submit statements and answer questions we pose about school issues. We will post submissions on this website and in our Facebook group. SEPG steering committee members are free to run for office or endorse candidates independently.

We may endorse or oppose local or state ballot questions that are directly related to schools or education. For example, we endorsed Yes votes in Arlington’s June 2016 debt exclusion, and many of us worked on that campaign. We also opposed a November 2016 state ballot question that would have negatively affected our public schools. We may do so again in the future if a ballot question is relevant to our mission.

Contact Us

Email us at info@arlingtonenrollment.org.